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Focus on getting more clients instead of recreating the wheel. Leverage my team of heroes and everything we have created for our 600+ members. We spend every single day inside of Thinkific creating new ways to extend it, bend it, change it and make it the most powerful platform it can be.

Your Clients Will Think You Are The Hero!!

(Don't worry we won't tell anyone)


Simply the best, largest and most comprehensive library of SUPERPOWERS for your Thinkific site. Increase sales. Improve your student experience. We give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a super hero for your business


Unlimited PowerUps Unlimited Clients

  • Monthly Releases of PowerUps (Value $2,388 / yr)
  • LIVE workshops & replays(Value $1,188 / yr)
  • Access to our private Facebook Group (Value $397)
  • "Rob's Reviews" of your site pages (Value $1,250)
  • Early access to new PowerUps before public release
  • Priority support on issues and feature requests
  • Influence the Super PowerUp release roadmap

Total Value $5,223

Yours For Only

Imagine what it would cost you to hire a team of expert marketers, designers, developers who actually know how to create massive success using Thinkific for your course, coaching or membership business.

Still Scrolling and not Enrolling???
You Must Have Some Questions...
Yes! With an Agency license you can install this on an unlimited number of sites for no additional charge. Normally, a standard license only allows installation to 2 sites. Now, you can reuse your new superpoowers to as many clients as you want!!
Nope. These PowerUps are created especially for those who are not technical. All settings are exposed via Site Builder.
No, you will not need to remember another login. Everything will accessible and easy to use inside of Thinkific's Site Builder.
Yes, this new "App" model allows you to install theme extensions like this PowerUp and still be able to install Thinkific updates without losing anything. And there is no need to setup your super powers again after you upgrade your Thinkific theme. No work is lost!
Yes, even after you install a PowerUp - your site is not effected until you decide to add it to your page. You can see everything inside of Site Builder before making your page live for your audience to enjoy.
Yes!! All PowerUps are now available on all Thinkific plans, even the "free" one.
Yes. In fact, if you are a PowerUp Pass member, you will be able to request tweaks. Occasionally we will release an update that contains all requests and they will be instantly available to you.
Crazy isn't it? If you paid for the PowerUP Pass, installed all of the PowerUps and then cancelled, you would still have the PowerUps available to you - even future updates.
A PowerUp is a collection of new Site Builder sections "with super powers" that will give you new designs, features and abilities - stuff you don't get out of the box in the standard themes.
Nope. If you buy a single PowerUp - you pay once - keep forever. If you buy the PowerUp Pass - you pay once per year. If you go for the "no brainer" Lifetime edition - you pay two payments of $700 - and never another penny again!!
It would easily cost several hundred dollars just for a single PowerUp - In fact, our clients are paying us several thousand dollars to create similar experiences for them. Then add the time you will waste trying to put all of the genius marketing and design strategies together to give you the highest conversions and retention possible. The lifetime deal is a steal and will "pay off" in spades!
Once you install a PowerUp into your Thinkific site. It is yours to keep forever. And if you are a PowerUp Pass member, you will still be able to use it after you cancel your subscription.
You must be on a current "Site Builder" theme and have an active paying subscription with Thinkific.
After you create an account and submit payment, you will be instructed to install the Power Up into your Thinkific site. You will then be able to access helpful videos on how to set it up
It is drop dead easy to setup and use in a matter of minutes. And with the helpful videos, I am practically right behind your shoulder guiding you. Sorry, this is DIY. PS- to work with Rob 1-1 it costs more than $10K
I am taking much of the value I provide to my 1-on-1 clients and packaging them up for the rest of the Thinkific community to benefit from. Just call me "Rob"in Hood.

We have helped the top gurus, influencers, coaches, course creators, global enterprise companies and
now it's your turn to be a hero