💥Super Powers for Your Thinkific site

Super Powers
for your Thinkific site

Instantly add more design options, new features and
all of the ninja tricks used by one of the top Thinkific experts.

What is a PowerUp?
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No monthly fees No new platforms to learn No Developers required

"In my 4+years of customizing Thinkific experiences, here are some common questions I get to improve the experience and help sell more courses"

Rob Galvin - the "Original" Thinkific Expert

"I want more design options so my site can look better"

Your site's appearance can go a long way in helping you make an impression, but more importantly the design should help better communicate how you can help your audience so you can improve your chances for selling your course.

"I would like to see higher member satisfaction and retention

When you have a membership program, you do not want the experience to increase overwhelm, confusion and frustration. These are all retention killers!!

My students are not completing their course

If you students are not completing the course, that usually means they are not getting results. If they did not get results, they will not buy another course from you again.

I really want a more interactive and engaging experience for my members.

If you experience is dull and boring, then it is not memorable and definitely does not help with inspiring your members to want to watch more of your content.

My site looks nothing like my brand or style.

You audience is seeing you brand and style come out in other areas like on your social channels and main website. When they enter your Thikific site, you do not want to "let them down" with a cookie cutter experience.

My team fixes these problems and more on Thinkific everyday

We choose to be the domain experts on Thinkific. It is the sole platform that we specialize in. Over the past four years we have impressed even the Thinkific team on what we were able to do for our clients.

We have helped the top gurus, influencers, coaches and course creators

We have been trusted by world class companies

Full "Learn" strategies for new revenue
Complement other products or services
Ambassador programs
Training and Continuing Education
Virtual Events

It's Your Time To Get all Of Our
Ninja tricks

With Thinkific's new "App" model - you will now be able to instantly add new design options, features, capabilities to your site without the expense of working with us 1-on-1. Add individual PowerUps or swipe them all with a PowerUp Pass.

Sounds great, but tell me

What is a PowerUp & How Does It Work?

What is a PowerUp?

Each PowerUp pack is a set of "Theme Extensions" that adds new ways to make your site pages more powerful.

Sales Pages
Member Dashboards
Course Player
New Page Types
Higher Conversions
Student Experience
Personalized Engagement
Increased Course Sales
Sales Funnels

Pick one or Swipe them all with a
PowerUp Pass

Purchase one for $99 (one time fee) or swipe them all with a PowerUp Pass. Either way, once you install it on your site, it's your forever

Install to your Thinkific site in
one click.

No developers or designers needed for setup or even to hire. Now you can spend more time on your course content and marking

Setup your pages in minutes.

After getting the PowerUp installed into your site, we will guide you step by step with easy to follow videos. Zero overwhelm - Zero frustration.

You may experience a rush of happy customers and increased sales.

Each PowerUp has two goals in mind: #1 Create Happier Members.
#2 Create a Healthier Business. They both work together. We call it our "Forever Fan Funnel". This goes into every carefully crafted experience we build.

New Super Powers
Added Each Month

👇 Below you will see some available PowerUp Packs.👇
Each month we release a new set of super powers either in brand new PowerUps or increasing the power of existing PowerUps.

Intelligent member notification system.

Create rich personalized posts with images, GIFS, videos and target certain members depending on their enrollment status. Color code your posts to easily denote content updates, from event notifications and choose any color that matches your brand. Perfect for memberships!

Setup a message to show on a certain date and even auto hide on another date. Get the right message to the right person at the right time.

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NEW - JUNE 2021

Your Member Dashboard Just Got A Major UPgrade

PowerUP your Thinkific member dashboard with a binge worthy Netflix like experience. Perfect for memberships, micro-content or course creators who want to sell multiple courses.

Create a "follow the yellow brick" road approach to your content by grouping your courses into learning tracks or categories.

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Your Course Player with a cape🦸‍♂️

Pronounced (play - YEAH) or as we like to pronounce it (game-change-a). The way your students watch your course is one of THE most important experiences you can give them, because if they don't consume your content and take action, they are not likely to achieve any results.

In course micro-interactions that increase engagement, course completion and additional course sales.

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The swiss army knife of expert ninja tricks

A set of PowerUP utility sections to alter the behavior of Thinkific pages. Redirects, hide things, add options, all of the ninja tricks we use as Thinkific Expert Partners.

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Endless Upgrades
Keep your site fresh!

Because this is not a "custom theme", you will be able to upgrade to the latest features Thinkific puts out there as well as any enhancements we make.

The best thing is, when you install a PowerUp, it's yours forever! You get all future updates without paying an additional penny

How is this different than "custom themes":
Can upgrade at any time without losing anything
Free updates when new sections are added
Instant activation - no developers required
Tell me about Endless Upgrades
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Take Your Pick

Each PowerUp will give you better control of your
Thinkific Site Experience
but why stop there?

$99 (One PowerUp)

Each PowerUp contains a set of new features, design choices and capabilities that you can instantly add to your Thinkific Site

Just This PowerUp (plaYEAH!)
Keep forever
Endless Updates (per PowerUp)
Standard Support
Browse PowerUps
* One Time Payment. No Monthly Charges. Keep Forever.

Free (All PowerUps)
with a PowerUp Pass

For $399, you can get access to all of the PowerUps that are available. Since we are customizing Thinkific everyday, we will be creating new PowerUp packs frequently and the best things is, once you install a PowerUp into your site, it is your's forever.

All PowerUps
New PowerUps Added Monthly
Endless Updates (All PowerUps)
Ask4 It Tweak Requests
Pre-Release Access
Priority Support
* $399 Renews Annually. Cancel Anytime. One Site License.

Are you an agency or supporting multiple Thinkific clients?

Get access to all PowerUps on unlimited sites. $1399 / year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What in the world is a "PowerUp"
A PowerUp is a collection of new Site Builder sections that will give you new designs, features and abilities.
Do I need to pay a monthly fee?
Nope. You can buy this power up and pay once => keep forever. Or if you want to swipe all of our PowerUps, you can get a PowerUp pass for a year for $399.
How much would it cost if I paid a developer to do this?
It would easily cost several hundred dollars just for this PowerUp - In fact, our clients are paying us several thousand dollars to create similar experiences for them. $399/year is a steal for the PowerUp pass.
Can I really keep this forever?
Once you install it into your Thinkific site. It is yours to keep forever. And if you are a PowerUp Pass member, you will still be able to use it after you cancel your subscription.
What do I need to use this?
You must be on a current "Site Builder" theme and have an active paying subscription with Thinkific.
Can I use this if I am on a Free plan?
Currently No, Thinkific does not allow app's to be used on a free plan. Anything above a free plan will work.
Will this PowerUp be updated in the future?
Yes. In fact, if you are a PowerUp Pass member, you will be able to request tweaks. Occasionally we will release an update that contains all requests and they will be instantly available to you.
Will you set this up for me?
It is drop dead easy to setup and use in a matter of minutes. And with the helpful videos, I am practically right behind your shoulder guiding you. Sorry, this is DIY.
Why is this so inexpensive, when your clients are paying thousands of dollars?
I am taking much of the value I provide to my 1-on-1 clients and packaging them up for the rest of the Thinkific community to benefit from. Just call me "Rob"in Hood.
Can I use this with a custom theme?
You will be able to install this if you are using a custom theme. Most if not all sections should work, but are not guaranteed to if you are using a custom theme.
Do I need any technical skills?
Nope. These PowerUps are created especially for those who are not technical. All settings are exposed via Site Builder.
Do I need to learn another platform / app?
No, you will not need to remember another login. Everything will accessible and easy to use inside of Thinkific's Site Builder.
Can I still get Thinkific theme updates?
Yes, this new "App" model allows you to install theme extensions like this PowerUp and still be able to update Thinkific updates without losing anything.
Can I set this up without effecting existing members?
Yes, although it only takes a few minutes to setup - you can play around and set it up before making it live for your members.
What specifically is included in this PowerUp?
Did you check out the tour videos above and other videos showing you how powerful this PowerUp is? My friend, scroll back up and click wherever you see a "play" icon. Seeing is believing my friend!
What happens after I purchase?
After you create an account and submit payment, you will be instructed to install the Power Up into your Thinkific site. You will then be able to access helpful videos on how to set it up.
Can I use this on multiple sites?
You can use this on multiple sites if you have purchased an Agency license.
With a PowerUp Pass I can basically swipe all of the PowerUps?
Crazy isn't it? If you paid for the PowerUP Pass, installed all of the PowerUps and then cancelled, you would still have the PowerUps available to you - even future updates.
Can I request any customizations?
If you are a PowerUp Pass member, you can request tweaks to any PowerUp. We will review requests on a regular basis and update or create new PowersUps for you and other members.